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About Us

Our mission is to accelerate the development of New York State CleanTech companies and organizations through our people, programs, community activism, advocacy, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

We support the continuous development of NYS human capital that will become the leaders and team members of fast–growth companies that are able to successfully commercialize emerging CleanTech products and solutions leading to business expansion, new business formation, exciting career opportunities and thousands of new jobs.

CTR provides programs and initiatives that include:

  • learning, professional and workforce development programs
  • supporting and developing conferences and events
  • providing industry and business model research and consulting services
  • promoting community development and networking to connect leaders with leaders
  • advocating and lobbying for continued investment in the new energy economy
  • providing resources and support services for hi-performing companies, organizations, professionals, students and veterans
  • partnering with CleanTech companies, universities and colleges, government, venture investors, financial institutions, industry and trade associations, professional societies, utilities, labor, industrial parks and end-users
  • disseminating news, commentary, industry information and know-how for competitive advantage

We strongly believe that the rapidly emerging CleanTech sector is already a powerful economic engine for New York State and is capable of supporting thousands of companies leading to the creation of tens of thousands of good and varied jobs for the next ten years and beyond.

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