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Clean Tech Rocks


The CleanTech QuickStart program is an innovative and proven program that is a win-win for both company and program participants. It is designed to avail experienced professionals and students with an opportunity to learn more about the CleanTech economy and companies who provide services or products to support the cleantech industry. A participating company benefits through the contributions of experienced and highly skilled professionals and/or high performing students whose efforts support the organization’s aim to improve and grow. Program participants spend up to 10 weeks as a consultant and contributor on a well-defined project, with agreed upon deliverables that are important to the company while providing a valuable, portable learning experience for the participant.

In order to qualify for participation in the Program, companies and organizations are required to prepare and submit a Project Request Form. The projects are designed to improve industry knowledge and provide a competitive advantage for participating companies and organizations through support of market research efforts, competitive analysis activities, business development and operational activities. Many times these projects cannot be completed by a company’s existing team but are considered important and in some cases, mission critical. Participation in this program will provide a company with the benefit of access to new information and expertise while allowing the participating professional or student to apply their core skills and experiences in the CleanTech sector. This is a unique opportunity for a participating company or organization to work with talented individuals who may make a great addition to their team.

A Project Plan will be approved for each Project and Project participants. Project Plans will be developed in collaboration with the company or organization, professional or student participant(s) and program staff. The assignment will typically last 10 weeks with clear deliverables and timelines. Companies will be expected to mentor and support the participant’s desire to gain some well-rounded experience and participate in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The following are examples of projects that have been undertaken by program participants:

  • Advanced Energy Conference (AEC): (1) Identify potential sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees and (2) Provide support for the AEC at the Conference
  • AFCO Systems: Identify new markets and prospects for their Green Datacenter solutions
  • Hauppauge Industrial Association: (1) Energy and Carbon Footprint study on the Hauppauge Industrial Parks and (2) Support for the HIA Go Green Conference and Annual Trade Show and Conference.
  • Opus Staffing: Research and analyze Green Job sites, Green Jobs and Recruiting Companies
  • Electro Motive Designs LLC: Research and analyze the Commercial Hybrid Market
  • Suffolk County Community College: Research CleanTech Educational Programs suitable for Community Colleges
  • CleanTech Rocks Business Directory: Research on the CleanTech Industry, Companies, Organizations and Trends

To learn more about this program, please contact David Winchester via our Contact Us page.