Clean Tech Rocks Accelerated Learning for Competitive Advantage
Clean Tech Rocks


CleanTech has become the subject of many new national, regional and local initiatives by Government, Business, Industry, Academia, Professional and Trade Associations. Although there is no standard definition for Green or CleanTech, it is generally described as a diverse range of products, services, and processes that harness renewable energy sources, promote energy efficiency solutions and use sustainable materials and processes that dramatically reduce energy expenditure, preserve natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes.


The CleanTech QuickStartTM Program is a cutting edge volunteer opportunity designed to leverage the participant's prior experience and abilities to support their career changing efforts by providing a foundation of new CleanTech knowledge, skills and know-how. The program combines an educational program including reading materials, experiential learning projects and networking that revolve around CleanTech businesses, organizations and events. This program is designed to be rigorous and demanding in order to provide the participants with a distinct competitive advantage in identifying and obtaining a CleanTech position or starting a CleanTech company. Participants are more likely to have success and career sustainability when they have a solid understanding of CleanTech and the life cycle of fast-growing emerging industries and companies.


It is likely the participant may be joining a small entrepreneurial company, or an emerging division of a larger company, which will require both entrepreneurial and fast- growth management skills to be successful long term. The CleanTech QuickStart TM Program supports and promotes entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial spirit and skill development. An entrepreneurial approach is necessary to improve the participant's chances of success and includes processes for identifying and evaluating an opportunity, and bringing together the resources necessary for successful implementation.


The genesis of this program evolved from careful evaluation and analysis of recessionary events and their impact on the workforce, combined with analysis of government imperatives to fortify or train the workforce with new green skills and capabilities. Accordingly, this program is developed to be closely aligned with New York State's CleanTech resources, plans, goals and objectives, especially as it relates to preparing and qualifying the transitional workforce for entry into the Clean Tech industry. The focus is on areas of forecasted growth in business formation and expansion and will take advantage of the emerging career and business opportunities, resources and support services that are available to the program participants. Even in a struggling economy, CleanTech industries offer opportunities for job acquisition, job creation and business formation.


The CleanTech QuickStartTM Program was created to introduce the program participants to the rapidly emerging and diverse opportunities available in the CleanTech sector. This program will provide a way to effectively transfer workers' skills and experience to a new industry sector


The Clean Tech QuickStartTM Program is designed to:

  • Provide new knowledge and skills through a rigorous learning experience to qualify candidates for potential CleanTech career opportunities
  • Promote and support career transition into a CleanTech segment through sector-focused projects
  • Increase employability and help participants secure employment or start a company
  • Support job opportunity identification and acquisition
  • Encourage and support business formation and business expansion on LI and NY State
  • Identify, index and profile CleanTech companies, organizations, publications and events The 12-Week Program Includes:
  • 10 Weeks in Experiential Learning at a company and/or on a Research Project
  • Weekly meetings and seminars
  • Networking events
  • 2 Day wrap-up Session during week 12
Program Participants are:

Although the Volunteer Program is still in the beta stages, first round Program alumnae have attributed their success to participating in this rigorous Program and the majority have begun rewarding careers in Clean Tech as a direct result of Program benefits.

Admission Requirements (Professionals)
  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited College/University with progressive educational, management or professional experience –OR--
  • An Associate's Degree or 60 credits from an accredited college and three years of progressive management or professional experience —OR--
  • Ten years of progressive management or professional experience.
  • Minimum commitment of 16 to 20 hours per week for 12 weeks
Admission Requirements (Students – Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Superior academic achievement and eligibility for a credit granting Internship program
  • Highly motivated students who are interested in a career in CleanTech must be performing very well academically (3.0 or better) and have some work or volunteer experience.
Students are required to:
  • Spend a minimum of 120 Hours working in the program
  • Complete an agreed upon Project and submit a Final Project Report
To Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter detailing the following:
  • explain the business and professional reasons why you should be considered for this program
  • indicate your preferred CleanTech segments(s) and reason for that interest
  • indicate what you want to gain from this experience and effort

If you are a motivated, progressive and solution-oriented self-starter, and would like to apply or learn more about Clean Technology and the CleanTech QuickStartTM Program opportunity, please send your information or questions via our Contact Us page.